Where to Start

Guidelines to becoming a Mogul Model
There are so many people who are eager to appear in magazines, on billboards or even in those printed ads that are placed on benches and buildings. These are referred to as print models and they don’t have height restrictions and requirements that demand them to be stick-thin like runway models.

 You need a toned body

It’s important to have a toned body, so exercising is imperative. Even though print modeling is different from runway modeling, you might want o hit the gym prior to start looking for such gigs. A clear, bright skin and a healthy physique might just be enough to help you succeed.

Pose, pose, pose!

Posing is something you should do on a daily basis. Whether you’re working your angles in the mirror or you’re taking pictures with friends, it’s compulsory to practice. Thus, you’ll find your weak spots and you will be able to focus only on your strengths. Try various looks, emotion sand of course, ask for opinions. Then, examine the photos and see which your best and worst angles are.

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